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About Us

Otter Fitness Garage is a membership based fitness center located in downtown Ottertail, MN.  We offer a complete line of free weights, fitness machines and equipment for almost any type of workout.  We also have a large group classroom, private bathrooms & showers, TVs, free wifi, a members lounge and more.  The facility is open 24-7 with key card access for our Members.  You should join us!


We are located in the former Weibe's Garage which was built in 1927 and successfully operated for 90 years under the father-son team of Fred and Delmer Weibe.  In 2018 we completely rebuilt this structure true to the original design.  Today Otter Fitness Garage is a modern, convenient space that benefits our Members and the greater Ottertail community we hold so dear.  Otter Fitness Garage is a veteran owned business with plans for growth.  We'll be posting more information and updates soon!

In the heart of downtown Ottertail

Our Mission

We want to preserve this iconic building, help revitalize downtown Ottertail, and provide a place where our Members feel great.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Provide a healthy, fun, safe environment for our Members while preserving the history and charm of this property.

Always Open

  • What are your hours?
    Otter Fitness Garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our Members. The gym is often staffed but we do not have regular office hours at this time.
  • How do I join?
    We recommend purchasing your membership online which provides immediate access to our facility. You can also contact us for an appointment to sign up in person.
  • What type of equipment do you have?
    We have a wide variety of high-quality cardio machines and dual functuion strength machines, a functional trainer, free weights (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells) squat racks, benches, resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and stretching mats. We also have a multipurpose room for fitness classes and stretching.
  • Do you offer personal training?
    Yes! Check out this page to learn more about our Personal Training. It's not included with membership, but our Members do receive discounted rates. We also encourage Members to form their own groups because good workout partner is worth their weight in gold!
  • I'm a trainer.  Can I train my clients at Otter Fitness Garage?
    Possibly. If you are a qualified trainer or instructor, please Contact Us to discuss access to our facility.
  • Can I sign up for a couples or family membership if I don't live with a family member?
    No, sorry, couples and family must live in the same household (same address) to qualify.
  • Do you have any incentive programs?
    Yes! We participate in a number of Fitness Incentive Programs.
  • How does insurance reimbursement work?
    First, contact your insurance provider to see if your health plan offers a Fitness Incentive Program. If it does, provide us a copy of your insurance card and we will submit your attendance directly to your insurance company. This is tracked automatically by our keycard software.



Let's Do This!

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